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@SensuousPromos presents Sexy To Go

Sexy to Go – Volume 1

Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors

Sample romance in all its flavors in Sexy to Go. From paranormal to contemporary, you’ll find your fix here. Look for a brand new collection every month.

Meant to Be
By Nerika Prke

Hello, I’m Nerika Parke and I write intensely romantic love stories. 

I know, that sounds like I’m introducing myself at a support meeting! Although it is kind of appropriate because I am addicted to writing about people falling in love. Can’t get enough of it and can’t stop! Likeable characters, humour, heat, and a lot of love are the prerequisites for my books and all my stories are written straight from the heart. My aim is to enable my readers to feel as much as my characters do. If a book I’ve written leaves you smiling, I’ve done my job!

My “Love After Death” paranormal romance series deals with the ups and downs of being a ghost and falling in love. So far there are two novels, Every Touch and Oliver’s Choice, with a third planned for later this year. Be warned, they have been known to make people cry!

“Nothing Less Than Paradise” is a series of contemporary romances about ordinary people finding extraordinary love. Paving Paradise and Finding Paradise are out now and I have more planned for the future. 

I also have a short, sexy novella available titled Defenceless. An added bonus to my books is that you get all the UK English spellings included free of charge! 

You can follow me on Facebook at and find my Amazon author page at where you can buy my books and click ‘follow’ to never miss a new release.

But what I’m really here to tell you about is the exciting new anthology series Sexy To Go!

I am thrilled to be part of a group of talented authors who have gathered together to produce a monthly collection of sexy, romantic stories for all lovers of romance. With romance being such a varied genre, we have created a diverse assortment, including contemporary, historical, paranormal and erotic. So whatever your taste, you’ll find something here for you. And maybe we can help introduce you to a few new reading experiences too!

My story in the first volume of Sexy To Go is called “Meant To Be” and is the tale of a woman whose humdrum life is turned upside down when she meets a gorgeous musician after a rock concert. Here’s a snippet of Jessica and Shaun’s story, where things heat up on a deserted beach...


Shaun moved his mouth down to her neck, his lips hot on her skin as he ran his hand slowly down the side of her body to her waist. She didn’t know if he was aware of the effect he was having on her, but she was pulsing with desire. She couldn’t think of anything but him, his smell, his taste, the weight of his body on hers, his lips setting her skin alight. Though the sun was setting and the air temperature falling, her temperature was rising. 

Jessica’s heart raced, she felt as if she no longer had control. She wanted him.  
No, it was more than that. 

She needed him.

She found herself considering something she never would have thought herself capable of.

“Shaun?” she gasped, struggling to find her voice.

“Mmm?” His lips didn’t break contact with her skin.

“How, oh…” She had to pause to catch her breath as he moved his lips round to the front of her neck. She swallowed and tried again, “How quiet is this beach?”

“Don’t…know,” he said, moving down to her chest and punctuating each word a kiss, “never…been here…after dark… Why?”

He froze in mid-kiss, lifting his head to look at her, his eyes wide. She slid her fingers into his hair and drew him back down onto her, kissing him in a way that could leave him in no doubt as to what she wanted. 

They separated again, both of them gasping for breath.

“Here?” he said.

She nodded. “Unless,” she said, desperately hoping it wasn’t the case, “you don’t want to.”

“Oh, I want to,” he said, his eyes straying down to her lips. “I really want to, but…” He looked around doubtfully.

She was suddenly embarrassed for suggesting it. “I’m not usually like this,” she said. “You make me feel like I can do anything.”

“Meant To Be”, along with ten other exciting, romantic, sexy stories, can be found in Sexy To Go volume one which is available now from all these places, so just take your pick:

And you can follow us on Facebook at

Volume two, with another wealth of new stories, will be out at the end of February. Don’t miss it! 

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