Sunday, February 22, 2015

My love affair with Winter has ended.... (NSFW)

I've always been a lover of winter, but this year has done what I thought was impossible - it's made me long for Spring! I don't like Summer, as a rule, I find too much heat quite debilitating. That said, this year's sudden onslought of storms have crippled me, financially and physically, so... this little video was made in the beautiful province of New Brunswick, and I think for all of us on the East Coast, it speaks with an eloquence most of us can't summon up at the moment. Enjoy...


  1. The video is hilarious! I wish you everything you need to help you get through what is left of winter. I also wish you warmer weather very soon. <3 Love you bunches!

  2. Hang tough love. It's been a brutal winter, and my heart really does go out to you. Trust an East Coaster to come up with the song and video. Brilliantly funny.


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