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BACKLIST: Another Man's Wife (historical erotic Western) #RomFantasy

Historical/Western (erotic)

When the stagecoach carrying Federal Marshal Chris McQuade is the target of an attempted robbery, the handsome Marshal is left alone with a woman he's been attracted to from the start of the long journey from St. Louis to Wind River, WY. It isn't until they're forced to go on alone together that he realizes he's falling in love with the wife of the man he's been sent to bring to justice. Much to McQuade's surprise, Elizabeth Davis has fallen in love, too, and her husband is out for revenge after witnessing a much-too-intimate encounter between his enemy and his wife...

Exclusive Excerpt:

Throughout the days, they talked as they rode and Chris discovered a quick intelligence and humor in Elizabeth that delighted him. She held strong opinions and didn’t mind expressing them. He found that a refreshing change as well. More and more, he discovered things beyond her beauty to admire and respect. Yet the most powerful allure remained…the desire burning between them every hour of the day, creating awkwardness and unease that was becoming impossible to ignore.

They’d camped in the relative safety of a foothill clearing and the routine they’d fallen into played itself out again. The tension that had grown between them over the short span of time since the botched robbery of the stage had become a true annoyance to Chris. It was based solely on a sexual attraction that neither of them made any effort to confront, and he knew he was in for yet another restless night.

He watched over her for hours, and it was well into the night when he finally doused the fire and went to his bedroll. Despite every sensible instinct he possessed screaming objections to him, this time he settled next to Elizabeth, answering a deeper need to be close to her.

* * * *

Elizabeth murmured softly, caught in the warmth of a dream that was already slipping away as she woke. The solid wall of heat at her back felt heavenly so she pressed tighter to it, and her body shuddered with pleasure when strong arms pulled her closer. Caught in the languor of the moment, she continued to drift in peaceful contentment for several seconds before the arms holding her shifted and she found one of her breasts cupped in a strong hand. Fingers stroked persuasively, then tugged open her blouse and slipped beneath the thin layer of her camisole. A bolt of heat shot through her entire body when Chris’s fingers pulled gently on the hardened tip of her nipple, rolling it repeatedly between his thumb and index finger.

She twisted onto her back and stared into the blazing darkness of Chris McQuade’s brown eyes. He looked as startled as her for a moment, then in heartbeats that seemed an eternity, he waged some inner battle, until he finally muttered something vaguely obscene and began to pull away.

Elizabeth had fought the same war in those timeless instants and she’d come out on the other side of the question. She reached up, her hand on the side of his neck, holding him motionless. His eyes searched her face, found what he needed, then his mouth descended on hers, ruthless, erotic, and unlike any kiss she’d ever experienced.

His tongue traced her lips and licked tenderly until she gasped, permitting him access to the warmth of her mouth. The world spun wildly as Chris’s mouth closed firmly over hers, his kiss waking too many feelings too quickly. She clung to him, unable to stop the torrent of hunger and need she’d been denying for what felt like forever. She’d never wanted any man the way she wanted him, and while it was terrifying, it was also the most exciting thing she’d ever felt.

He turned, pressed her back to the blankets beneath them, and she arched her body upward instinctively, trying to get even closer to him. Her arms slid around his waist, fingers splayed across the expanse of his back, massaging smooth muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt. The need to touch him had been the bane of her existence for days. Now, it was the answer to a dream long held in a secret place in her heart; a dream she’d given up on without ever knowing it.

The kiss was endless, and she returned each stroke and thrust of his tongue with the fury of passion he evoked in her eager body, tasting the mixture of coffee that lingered, the faint flavor of tobacco from the cheroot he’d smoked sometime during the night, and the unique and distinct essence of Chris himself. When he finally released her, she stared into his dark eyes, marveled at the fire that sizzled back at her.

Before she could speak and destroy what was happening between them, Chris’s hands glided around her waist, then upward to trace the fullness of her breasts. His thumbs brushed indolently over the sensitive peaks until she shuddered. He fully opened the light blouse and camisole she wore, and held one swollen breast as he lowered his head and covered the rosy peak with his mouth. She gasped quietly and leaned into the caress, moaning low in her throat when he began suckling her ripe nipple.

“Chris…” she breathed, not really certain what she wanted from him—his release or his complete possession. His teeth closed on the rigid bud, nipped gently, and she pressed into him, her hands sliding into his thick dark hair as she held him closer. Being with Mark had been pleasant and easy, but it had never awakened the kind of savage need that Chris McQuade’s every touch did.

When he would have transferred his attention to her other breast, Elizabeth shook her head and eased away from him. His darkened eyes narrowed, faint consternation in their fiery depths. She smiled, peeled off the blouse and camisole, then reached for the buttons on his shirt, pushing him until he was on his back and she sat across his hips. She kissed his forehead, his cheek, and trembled when his hands ran the length of her thighs and smoothed over her buttocks.

Chris tugged her forward and twisted until she lay under him again. He kissed her with the full depth of his passion. Moments later, he left her long enough to rid himself of his clothes, then he knelt on the ground next to her. He reached for the buttons on her skirt and waited until she nodded her acceptance before he eased her free of the last of the clothes that kept them from complete contact with each other. When she started to sit up, he hooked his hands beneath her knees and watched her eyes widen with confusion.

With her lying naked before him, Chris was torn between simply taking her quickly to satisfy the lust-incited madness she’d created in him from the moment he’d met her, and the need to make this experience one neither of them would forget. He wanted her to want him as badly as he wanted her, and to go on wanting him long after they’d quenched their passion.

Read what the reviewers have said:

4 Stars!...An enjoyable and short western story. Even though it is predictable in its plot line, I completely enjoyed this book. Chris is extreme in his alpha attitude and so is Elizabeth as a strong independent woman. Together these two characters are well developed for a quick story and flow together well. The sex in this story is hot and passionate, with the love quickly developed and announced. The action is gut clenching and exciting! I definitely recommend this story to everyone, especially those who really enjoy historical westerns."—Vikky Bertling, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars!...An entertaining and sensual historical short story with a few surprises that is sure to delight many readers. Elizabeth is a truly appealing character. She's wary of Chris but also compelled by his presence. Although she's beautiful, she has refreshing qualities for a woman of her times in that she's strong, opinionated and doesn't mind letting people know. I enjoyed reading about a heroine who is voluptuous and curvaceous and feels confident. Chris is a Marshal to die for; he's handsome, tough, and prepared to do all in his power to save the woman he loves. His passionate and romantic nature is well hidden beneath the ruthless facade he projects until he meets Elizabeth. From the first both fight a strong attraction that's simmering between them only to realize they have never felt this way before. This burning desire between Elizabeth and Chris culminates in a very fiery explosion and these two lovers come together in a highly sensual moment, in one of the longest love scenes I've read. Elizabeth and Chris were meant for each other. It was great seeing their story unfold and develop.—Aggie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

This quick western will charm readers with the typical Wild West components: outlaws, marshals, and a feisty damsel in distress. But Denyse M. Bridger has written an anything but typical romance. Her vivid writing makes Another Man's Wife a delight to read and the love scenes make you wish you were the damsel in distress. I look forward to reading more from the engaging Denyse M. Bridger.—Tina Burns, The Road to Romance

5 Angels!...A wonderful, very sensual romance. Although short, the story is fully developed and substantial. Chris and Elizabeth are both likable characters that the reader wants to see happy. The sexual chemistry between them is palpable. Ms. Bridger's has a talent for writing eloquent, extremely passionate love scenes. She gets the point across without being too explicit. She conveys the emotions beautifully, without graphic language. It?s hard to believe this is Ms. Bridger's first erotic romance. It's definitely an impressive start. I hope to see many more just like this one!—Shelley, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Flames!...Ms. Bridger gives the reader a wonderfully vivid setting and fills it with well-rounded, believable characters. Elizabeth is brave and always ready to help out. Chris, strong and capable, accepts her help, which is pleasantly surprising. The love scenes are beautiful and very sensual, but not as graphic as those seen in other erotic romances. This excellent short story is a quick, satisfying read, and I highly recommend it.—Renee, Sizzling Romances

4 Ribbons!...A great story you'll be sure to enjoy in one sitting. Denyse M. Bridger knows how to write an erotic and entertaining short story. If you like historical romance, then Another Man's Wife is for you. The characters are a big part of any story, and you will love the hero and heroine in this one. Chris is the kind of hot sexy hero that will leave you breathless, and Elizabeth is a wonderful heroine.—BJ Deese, Blue Ribbon Reviews

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