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Demonic Revenge Concludes! #BadGirl #RomFantasy @cindyjacks @denysebridger

Demonic Revenge concludes:
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The trip back to Chateau Arcadia was the first truly relaxing time Denysé had known since leaving it a mere few days earlier. They were now tucked into a lovely horse-drawn carriage and Rémy’s estate was less than an hour away.  She sighed softly and leaned into his side, inhaling the intoxicating scene and aura that was Rémy. She felt his smile, and looked up at him.

“What are you thinking about?”

He kissed her, a soft, lingering caress. “About how good it feels to have you back where you belong, ma cher.”

“There were times when I wondered if I’d live long enough for you to find me,” she admitted, voice small and still shaken.

Rémy held her tighter, lifting her into his lap and stroking the thick fall of her hair. “Why did you choose to be the scribe for the Viscount’s clan?”

“I happened across their history,” she replied. “Vasya was fascinating to me, and I wanted to know more about him.” She felt him tense, and drew back to peer at him. “Rémy! Don’t tell me you’re jealous of Vasya?” She tried to suppress a grin, but knew it was a dismal failure when he scowled.

“Do not expect me to like him overmuch,” he said. “It was because of him you spent several days in hell at the hands of a demon!”
She nodded, and leaned in to kiss him, slow and deep, shivering when he held her head and ravished her mouth with rising hunger. They eased back and looked at each other, green staring into blue until she was drowning in him.

“I love you, Rémy,” she murmured and snuggled close.

* * * * *

Her next memory was waking in Rémy’s arms as he carried her into the vast master bedroom of Chateau Arcadia, all the while barking out orders to staff who tripped over themselves to do as he requested. She shifted enough that he knew she was awake again, and he smiled.

“Relax, cheri.” He kissed her forehead. “Let me take care of you for a little while.”

He put her down on the bed, and she watched as he directed his staff, until everything was just as he wanted it. Then he turned to her and held out his hand.

She rose and went to him, drawing in soft scents that grew as they approached a huge, steaming bathtub. Rémy pulled her into his arms again, hugging her tight for long moments, then he eased back and grinned.

“Would you like to undress, or may I have the pleasure of removing your clothes?”

She actually felt the stain of a blush warm her cheeks, and Rémy’s gaze grew hotter than flames. He didn’t wait, he started to carefully remove the skirt, blouse, and her underwear, until she was standing naked in front of him. He held her hand, kissed the palm, then indicated she was to get into the tub.

The water felt heavenly and she groaned with pleasure as she sank into the warm, aromatic water. She looked up at Rémy, who was watching every move she made.

“Are you going to join me?”

He sat on the floor next to the bath and poured bubbling wine into two flutes, handing her one as he leaned on the edge of the tub.

“I’m considering not allowing you out of my sight again,” he informed her, his voice rough with emotions so complex it was impossible to distinguish what prompted his declaration.

“That wouldn’t really work for us,” Denysé answered, and slid closer to the side of the tub so she could touch his face, and kiss his cheek. “But thank you for the thought, my Big Bad Wolf.”

Rémy’s low growl made her grin.  He shook his head. “I think you need to be taught a lesson about the dangers of provoking the big bad wolf,” he said very quietly.

She laughed low in her throat and one eyebrow rose in challenge. “And are you to be my teacher, my Lord Rémy?”

He set aside the glasses of wine, and picked up the soft cloth, pouring sweet-smelling soap over it. He started at her shoulders, slow, lazy swipes that left bubbling lather over her skin. Her heartbeat picked up in tempo until it was a steady drumming inside her body, one she was certain her heard. He rinsed away the soap, the warm water drizzling over her skin, then he began again, this time using his hands, slipping them into the water, the lather like silk against her skin, masking his strong, battle scarred hands. He cupped her breasts, testing their weight, fingertips circling her nipples as they hardened and peaked against his palms.

Heat arrowed downward, the heavy throb of desire pulsing between her legs.  Rémy’s lips touched the side of her neck, tongue gliding over the erratic pulse there. One hand moved deeper into the water and parted her thighs. She gasped, eyes closed, and moaned softly when his fingers found the slick wetness of her pussy. He parted her swollen folds and slid two fingers inside her, while his thumb found the tight nub of her clit. Her hips pushed into his touch, begging for more, and Rémy started a slow, rhythmic thrusting into her, all the while flicking teasing touches to her clit. She was panting and calling his name in no time, and when he withdrew his fingers and pinched her clit, her entire body shook with the sudden orgasm that ripped through her. She clenched her teeth, holding back a scream, and he covered her pussy with his hand, holding her as her muscles started to relax.

When she was able to breathe again, he helped her to stand. Her knees shook badly, and Rémy’s grin was wicked, and hungry. He didn’t wait for her to towel off, he simply scooped her up and deposited her in the middle of the bed. Dazed and still quivering, she watched as he stripped out of his clothes and tossed them aside. A moment later, he crawled onto the bed, kissing his way up her body until she was staring into the azure ocean of his eyes.

He lifted her legs and she completed the action, wrapping them around his waist. Rémy held her face between his hands, his gaze locked with hers as he slid into her, his entire body shaking in reactive pleasure as he was sheathed fully inside her. She arched upward, needing, and he laughed, a low rumbling chuckle.

“Do you still want to leave my chateau, cher?” he breathed into her ear when he ducked his head to kiss her shoulder.

He thrust hard and sudden, and she moaned loudly, her arms going around him, nails digging into the smooth muscles of his shoulders. “Rémy....”

His hands moved to her hips and he held her in place, his body finally giving into desperate need. She tightened her hold on him, clinging as she answered the rapid motion of his thrusts. He drove deep, filling her, over and over, and she shuddered as every muscle began to tremble against him. He lifted her hips, changed the angle, and slid into her again as his release flooded over him and into her welcoming body. She cried out his name and he held her tightly while the walls of her pussy clutched him and rippled in another powerful orgasm.

For a few minutes, she was certain she’d fainted with the intensity of her climax. When she was able to see and breathe again, Rémy rolled over onto his back, taking her with him so she was sprawled over his heaving chest.

“Once I can move again, we’ll have to discuss further lessons in the dangers of provoking the big bad wolf,” she murmured, and grinned as he laughed, the sound rumbling against her ear, the sound rich and warm.

“Heaven and hell in one day,” she said when he was quiet, and they were snuggled under the blankets. “You certainly know how to show a girl a good time, my lord.”

Rémy pulled her against his chest, and she fell asleep with the music of his heartbeat close to her...

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