Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coming soon: TEXAS HEAT @DenyseBridger #RomFantasy

Coming soon from New Dawning Book Fair
Cover: Kayden McLeod
Short contemporary erotic Western


Chase Jordan is a man with half his life missing since his return from the war in Iraq. He arrives back in Texas, a drifter looking for home. When he arrives at the Double D ranch, the owners know him, even if he can’t remember them. Cheyenne’s been infatuated with Chase since her high school days, but Deke MacKenzie’s already made it clear to Chase that his kid sister is off limits.

A loner by nature, and even more so now as PTSD plagues him, Chase rejects Cheyenne’s efforts to seduce him. He senses complications he wants no part of if he gets too close to her, and part of his soul is very much at home on the Double D. When an old boyfriend of Cheyenne’s goads him into a fight, his anger put him on all kinds of edge–and Cheyenne’s determination to turn up the Texas Heat get her in over her head...

Chase has warned her, he doesn’t play nice. When she ignores his invitation to leave, she puts herself at the mercy of his anger, his lust, and the most explosive passion she’s ever experienced... But what happens when the “job” is over, and Chase turns his back on her again? Memories are waking, the kind that will change both their lives in dramatic ways.


“Miss MacKenzie,” he said with a nod as she walked around the truck and looked over at him. The look in her eyes was speculative, and Chase felt the tingle of uncertainty kiss the back of his neck. He was always edgy around her, like something was close but still eluding him. He didn’t like it.

“It’s Cheyenne, Chase,” she reminded him.

He nodded again. They’d done this dance a time or two before. There was something too familiar about her, but he didn’t know what it was, couldn’t pin it down. He felt the now customary flare of annoyance wake inside him. Half his damn past was missing since he’d come home from Iraq. Maybe he’d known her once, though he couldn’t imagine forgetting someone like her.

“Something I can do for you, ma’am?”

She laughed and dropped the tailgate on the pickup, bending over with what he knew was deliberate intent. There was no denying the appeal of her well-shaped ass in the tight jeans, and his cock twitched in response to her action. She turned, tossed him a beer, and sat on the tailgate looking over at him while she took a swig of her own drink.

Chase opened the can of beer and drank half of it. He slowly strolled to the truck, arm braced casually on the side as he stared at her. “You haven’t answered my question, Cheyenne,” he stated.

She twisted around until she was facing him, and cradled the cooler between her breasts, drawing his attention to nipples that were clearly outlined and pushing against the thin cotton of her tank-top. He could see the dark outline beneath the gauzy white material, and one corner of his mouth quirked upward. He met her candid stare and grinned at the challenge in her expression.

“Why don’t you like people, Chase?”

“I like people just fine, ma’am,” he said, tone sardonic. “I just prefer my own company to that of idiots.”

She appeared to consider that for a moment, then she shrugged. “Do you consider me an idiot, Chase?”

He laughed. “No, ma’am,” he drawled.

“Good answer,” she said.

“I have work to do, Cheyenne,” he told her after he’d finished his beer and tossed the can into the ice filled hamper that contained the rest of the six pack she’d brought with her.

“You work for me, too, Chase,” she reminded him softly.

He took a long look at her, his appraisal meant to be offensive it was so blatant. At only a little over five feet tall, Chey was stacked and curvy in all the right places. Her long auburn hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, and she wore no makeup. He dropped his gaze to her breasts, fingertips tingling as he contemplated what her skin would feel like, and taste like if he leaned in and took one of her ripe nipples into his mouth. She slid a little bit closer to him and he shook off the heat that was building inside him.

“Thanks for the beer, ma’am,” he murmured. “I’ll be getting back to my work now.”

He would have left but she grabbed his arm and he was too aware of the pebbled point of her nipple brushing against his bicep.

“I want―”

He put a finger over her lips, silencing her as he shook his head. “Baby, I know what you want, but I’m not playing that game.”

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