Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ethics and men from Mars

So, a Facebook status I posted a couple of days ago appears to have had an interesting effect on some people. Given there were no names mentioned in said update, just a general statement, it becomes very clear that once again, guilt is a strange mistress. And while Guilt is a strange mistress, her sister Karma is a downright bitch, and as many people are fond of noting, she doesn’t miss a thing. Which means your antics are making for an interesting payback somewhere along the way, doesn’t it?

For those of you who missed this on Facebook, or don’t have pages there, the post was this:

Ok, here's the deal for some of the more socially inept out there, and I suspect you'll recognize yourself when/if you take a moment to read this.

1. If you block me, you can't see me, so when you attempt to put your lying and deluded asses in my promotional groups to push your books, you can't see that I'm the admin there–which means when you post, or ask to join, I DO see you–and you really are not going to use my hard work to promote yourself after you've spread shit and lies to everyone and anyone who will listen, and betrayed my trust and those of the people I work with–so guess what? You'll be accepted for one minute, then I will remove you and your fucking book promos and ban your ignorant ass. Are you hearing me on this? I've been doing it a lot the past couple of weeks as people from one particular publishing house try to use legit groups, run by authors and other publishers, to promote themselves.

2. LOTS and lots of screen caps are circulating, so yes, many of us know what is being said, or has been said, and who is saying it–so STOP the lying bullshit, please. I haven't got time for it, and when I say leave me alone, I do mean it. I have no more time for your paranoid delusions. I am making this public so everyone can see it, and I hope the right people know that I'm well aware of not only what has been said, but who's done the dirty - now and in the past.

Thank you – end of public address.

There are 70+ comments on this post–ALL of them supportive, outraged, disgusted, and generally disdainful of the people who have been exhibiting this wholly unprofessional and shit ignorant behaviour. On Monday night, after the correct party did see this post, a message was sent to one of my best friends–a woman who has NOTHING to do with this situation at all. She is still puzzled as to what she was expected to do or say in response, since this is not her concern. So, to the person who sent that message, I have one statement – Back the fuck off, because she is not part of your shit! Since no names were mentioned here, and you’re in a panic, it’s quite obvious you know you’re guilty of doing exactly as I’ve stated.

I wrote this blog twice before this one, and I decided the angry rant I began with would really serve no purpose except to make me look as unprofessional and inane as this so-called publisher and its authors. So we’ll approach this from the stand of someone who’s been in this business awhile and observes the proper rules of business and publishing etiquette that clearly escapes you and your people entirely.

First, the rules of FB allow you to block people who are a pain in the ass to you, for whatever reason. If that reason is as simple as you not being able to get your own way, or fear of lies being exposed, then block away. But, as I stated, you then lose the ability to see the administrators of the groups you’re attempting to use to promote your books. (We’ll use that term loosely and with great indifference, believe me.) Most people in the public domain refrain from such things as blocks and tirades against individuals because the truth is, it’s bad for business. Learn that if you want to be taken seriously. A real writer embraces the public and is grateful for their interest, they do not attack, block, or generally dismiss the people who might buy their work. They also do NOT attack, misuse, and generally walk all over their more established peers.

Apart from all the basic and essential things that go with writing and publishing, little things like decent editing and proper grammatical sentences, you might also consider that readers are not total morons. New “authors” as a rule do not get 5 star ratings across the board, it makes real readers suspicious. Nor is it good form to attack anyone who does give an honest review. So, another rule to consider: learn to say thank you for ANY review, and be gracious about it, good or bad, because that will speak much louder than your rantings and ravings ever will. Readers dismiss gushing reviews, and pay attention to the ones that really do point out a story’s weaknesses or problems. Known fact. Take it or leave it.

You really are only as acceptable and professional as your actions. Which pretty much lets out the people associated with a press that engages in the activities this one does. Trying to rig polls, pushing your way into the promotional groups of established companies, and slandering and attacking anyone who won’t accept being shit all over really does show you up for the delusional asses you all are. Whining about losing readers once you’ve blocked and verbally abused them is a bit counter-productive too, isn’t it? Instead of engaging in attacks and abuse, why not actually learn the craft you think you’re part of just now? If every one of your books sold a million copies, it still wouldn’t make you a success because you have no idea how to behave like a professional anyway. Respect and success are earned - they are NOT bullied, cheated, stolen, or given on demand, no matter how much some people think otherwise.

In conclusion, because I am bored with this now, I’d like to make a suggestion, which of course will be labeled an attack and lead to more insanity, I’m aware. First, grow-the-fuck-up and get your deluded asses out of the haze of bullshit you’re enveloped in. The truth is, no one gives a damn. Secondly, stop using the work of other authors and their publishers to try to take the fast track to respectability. Your actions will determine how respectable you are–which pretty much means you’re fucked now, doesn’t it? Lastly, and this is the one you really need to pay attention to–stay away from me, and out of my business, because I can and will begin posting lists, and screen-capped conversations for the world to see. I will also name the names in my possession–believe me those lists are extensive. Push me and I will push back–as you witnessed a year ago.

You panicked because you know I don’t make idle statements or declarations, I can and will back-up what I say. If you weren’t relying on deceit and fear to walk all over people, you’d have nothing to be afraid of, but like anything else that involves ethical behaviour or real integrity–that’s a concept more alien than little green men from Mars.


  1. Ilove the way you speak your mind ,,subtle and to the point ....Yes indeed ....

  2. Thank you, Geminimoon... All truth, that's the scary part.


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