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Vampires - The Eternal Fascination

Regardless of the passage of time, the intrigue of vampire heroes never seems to diminish. There is truly an eternal attraction to these creatures of the night. I’ve often wondered myself what the allure and mystique really is. I’ve written many stories and novels with vampire heroes, yet I rarely read them. (That has changed recently to a small degree because I’ve read all of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books, and enjoyed them, but the ones I feel are really wonderful are Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series!)

Having said that, I still find the passion for vampires one that has many sides to it, and all of them are intriguing for various reasons. In the new genre romances, I think we’ve seen a surge of “redemption” stories, whereby the objective is to “restore” the vampire to his humanity, if not his human/mortal state. While the romance of this is appealing on some levels, I much prefer a vampire who is comfortable in his own skin, so to speak. I’m not interested in “curing” the vampire of his curse, so often times those stories are a total disappointment to me.

I also don’t think there is a lot of noble sacrifice in the true vampire. This creature is by very virtue of its existence a mythical power, bound by nothing as mundane as constraints of morality. The traditional vampire is a killer, beyond the reach of mortal law. If your vampire has not streak of cruelty, or indifference to human worries, he loses a great deal of his power and appeal, I think. We look to this mythical being for escapism in reading and film, and while everyone has their vision of a perfect vampire, I believe for myself, that the good-guy vampires are often weaker than the counter-parts they invariably fight.

The sexual aspect of the vampire allure is another of those areas where a lot of personal preference comes into play. Realistically, if you can even use that word in this context, a vampire is not capable of the sex act. However, if you are writing vampire/paranormal romance, you don’t have much of a book if you hero can’t make love to your heroine, so once again, we have that perception thing happening. And once again, just how “dark” is this hero? If you create an ancient vampire, presumably he’s had hundreds of lovers, so the author is challenged to create a heroine who is strongly defined and unique enough to capture the attention and dormant heart of this incredible being. Therein lies the problem of many romances–the heroines are too often irritating, or weak, and you wonder why anyone would want to cherish them forever, especially a man who’s known so many others? All in all, it’s a fine line, and I’m not convinced anyone’s done it real justice even now.

Ultimately, I think vampires are seductive and alluring, but I also think amid that “glamour” there must be an edge of cruelty and power that is restrained and once in awhile brought out to reveal the nature of the beast. It is in those moments, we see the truth of the “curse” of this nocturnal existence. To rob a reader/viewer of the darker aspects is to short-change the entire mythos. The appeal is timeless, and everyone loves these creatures for different reasons, so I think it will go on enduring if writers continue to craft stories that capture the essence of the vampire appeal in some way. I’ve written books myself that experiment with the vision I have, and while not perfect in any way, I do hope they entertain readers.

Genres: Erotic/vampire/ménage/BDSM


When work brings Deluna Jordan face to face with a man who knows her better than she knows herself, she soon discovers he shares everything with his boss, including lovers…and a thirst for blood…and she is about to become the lucky recipient of all their desires…


"So, what is it this woman does again?" Rahve asked with little real interest, but considerable amusement. Cord had been distracted for a week or more, since Rahve had sent him to the Grayson show. Cord glared at him and he laughed at the irritation in the other man's expression. Rahve shrugged and turned his attention back to the figures in front of him.

"We need to come up with something truly spectacular for the new line," Rahve murmured as he rapidly read the accounting figures, his agile brain processing numbers as quickly as the machine in front of him.

"Are you worried?"

Rahve's smile was sardonic. "Are you?"

"I want to design something for Deluna's next show."

Rahve sat back in his chair and eyed the younger man. "Tell me about her."
It wasn't a request and they both knew it.

"Why don't you come with me and you can judge for yourself?" Challenge hung between them for a few minutes, then Rahve shrugged and rose from his seat. Cord was startled for about a heartbeat of time. He stood and grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair. "Have dinner with us."

Rahve's smile was contemptuous. "She doesn't know what you are, does she?"

"She knows everything she needs to know."

Scornful laughter lit Rahve's predatory eyes. "I haven't met a human yet who is that accepting of us, so I'll assume she doesn't know it's her blood you're lusting after more than her cunt."

"Stay away from her," Cord warned, "I'll tell her when I want her to know."

"You invited me to dinner," Rahve reminded him, laughter in his tone, "so let's go."

"I've changed my mind."

Rahve ignored his remark.

"What are you going to do if she falls for me?" Rahve asked as they headed for the parking garage under the Falcon's Flight office building.

"Kill your ass," Cord quipped. It was an old game, one he hated. Over the years, he'd lost more than one woman to Rahve's charm and power.

"Address?" Rahve asked when he'd stopped laughing.

Cord gave it to him and while he watched Rahve walk to his Ferrari, he wondered if Deluna would fall for him. Falcon had a remarkable effect on women, and she wasn't likely to be any more immune than most others. Rahve was an impressive male, six foot three, dark blond hair that was cut neat and stylish. He was built like a Roman statue, and he had more money than god…yeah, women loved him. For all kinds of reasons. A shadow whispered across his soul, an almost tangible harbinger of foreboding that made his teeth grind. Cord didn't like the vulnerability of fear, and he hated it even more when it was born in jealousy. Deluna hadn't even met Rahve and he was already worrying about her reaction to his boss....

Genres: Erotic/vampire/ménage/BDSM

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