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Take A Little Byte

So, technology is an amazing thing, it closes gaps wider than the oceans now and brings us together from all over the world. I've used it as a basis for a couple of stories-as well as the device of a journal. But, for this presentation, I'll introduce you to the...

Games of Seduction…

It all began as a conversation, with a man on another continent…

Any man who can seduce a woman’s mind owns her body long before he ever possesses it….

It is a simple enough concept, but is so alien to so many.

He taught me that in the space of a few hours. From a man half a world away, I learned more about myself in one night than I had from anyone I had ever been with. And I wanted more. I wanted to know how far hunger and need can be stretched before possession is all that matters, and surrender is all that remains.

He created a game that he said never ends - a bit like life and the learning we do each day. “Truth” is the name of this game, but it’s more accurately called “Seduction.” When one party wins, both claim the prize.

Under his shrewd eyes, my truths have never looked so bare and so small. They make me crawl inside myself. He doesn’t intend to let me hide behind my walls, though. I wondered if I should be afraid or entranced? Both, perhaps.

The first question: “what do you like in a man?”

How do I respond to that? I was looking at what I like in a man, and I choked on the awareness of it… So, I struggled and replied with sublime idiocy that I didn’t know the answer. To my great amazement, he didn’t end the game, but pointed out that stupidity didn’t appear to be a problem, so why was I giving him stupid answers. At this time, any other man would have been staring at a blank screen, but not this one, his honesty was enchanting.

What do I like in a man? What do I notice first? They seemed like easy questions. I’ve answered them before, but they weren’t usually being asked by the physical embodiment of the honest reply. I noticed his eyes, his smile, his shoulders, and most of all, his presence and the way he carries himself - the strength of his personality and his confidence. This should have been an easy thing to answer. It wasn’t.

I felt like I was a love-struck sixteen-year-old in the throes of her first infatuation. I’d known him about an hour at that point. Can you understand how overwhelmed I was and how ridiculous I felt? He made me blush like a schoolgirl, and that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

Question two: “tell me something you’ve never told another person about what you want from sex.”

This was even more difficult and where I had the internal heart attack. I wondered how much more he could rattle me without even trying. If my first answer was inane, this one was worse. The game was going badly, and I was losing all credibility as a woman with intelligence and passion. Oddly, it hurt to know just how foolish I was being, but faced with this man’s candour and honesty, I couldn’t let myself speak words that should have come easily. Why was putting those words onto the screen for someone who is watching me – someone who is the answer to those very questions – why was that so impossible to do? I knew why. I wanted him. I wanted to be possessed by him in a way no other man has ever known me. I wanted a stranger to own me because I knew he had the strength to do it. That was very frightening. The enormity of it made me want to run, but I had no idea if the answer was to run toward him or run away? I wondered if I should ask.

How do I tell this handsome and passionate man that if he wanted my fantasy, he would have to tie my hands and blindfold me, then talk to me as he does whatever he wants with me to make me his? That, in return, I would want to do the same thing to him, leaving him breathless and aching as I decided how best to tease his lust?

What was going on in my mind that made me want to know what it was to belong to this man. Why I suddenly wanted to be his and only his? Other men have tried to make me bend, and failed, but I knew this one could make me beg, and leave me more fulfilled, more alive than I thought was possible, even in my romantic dreams.

I wanted the touch of his hands and the whisper of his words, while he held me captive to his desire. I stared at the computer screen and my heart was pounding a wild timpani in my ears, but still the words would not come forth.

I discovered that I knew nothing about a man’s idea of beauty, that I saw myself in a very different way than he did. He saw more deeply than I believed was possible - even through the fear that kept me struggling to play my part of the game, knowing I was failing badly.

He upped the stakes when he told me he wanted to see me… really see me… naked, in all ways. It was easy for him, he’s had more lovers than I want to think about. I’ve had few real moments of passion in my life. And I was a different person then, a woman barely aware of what desire was, and playing at being in love. I looked different then, but even knowing that time had not so much aged me as improved me, I was desperately afraid to let him see me. My first glimpse of him is burned into my mind. Beautiful as only a strong man can be, vital and vibrant, at ease with his sensuality and his potent sexuality.

I’ve been told I am not the kind of woman who inspires passion.”

When I admitted that, it made me fear deeply. He asked me why I would believe such a thing from a man who clearly wanted to cause me pain. Once again, he reminded me that I did not appear to be a stupid woman, yet I persisted in the belief that words intended to hurt could be true in any way. He did not hold back his truths, nor did he make them gentle when he forced me to see them. I took a leap of trust, and I did what he asked. Each step into his vision was rewarded by an equal exposing of his body. I wondered if he saw how badly my knees were shaking when he looked at me – how much my heart leapt when his response was a simple, but appreciative “Wow” when faced with me.

I still shake, inside and out, when I permit my mind to relive that moment.

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A surprise knock at her door brings Bella face-to-face with her destiny…but can she trust what her heart so desperately wants—especially when Quinn is determined to keep her naked and screaming his name? Mind-blowing sex has been their relationship’s strongest bond, but Bella’s tired of being his secret—and Quinn’s not willing to let her go.


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